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5 Best Online Platform To Learn Data Science From Scratch - Dggul AI Tutorial

5 Best Online Platform To Learn Data Science From Scratch

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Are you a fresh IT graduate or an IT professional who wants to be a data scientist? But you are not sure where to learn data science online. To solve your problem, here I am going to share 5 Best online platforms to learn Data Science. So if you are interested in finding the best platform to learn data science for free or paid then this article is worth reading.

There is nothing wrong if we say ” Data Science is the hottest job in today’s era “. This is the age of technology and data science is the most popular emerging technology these days. So if you are thinking of building a bright career in this field then it is your very wise decision.

Learning data science is not so difficult now a days. There are plenty of online and offline resources available that help you to become a data scientist in a very easy way. Many Institutions are offering bachelor and master degree in data science. But it is not necessary to do any degree to become a data scientist. There are many online platforms where you can learn data science in very short time and get a highest paying job in your dream company.

So if you are searching for the best online platform to learn data science in India or anywhere then you can check the given list of best online platforms to learn Data Science. These platforms offer both free and paid courses, you can opt them according to your preferences. They also offer some certification courses so if you want to be a certified data scientist then must go for these courses available on these online platforms.

So without wasting any time let’s explore the best platform to learn data science for free or paid.

Best online platform to learn Data Science For Beginner and Advanced Data Scientist

Here is the list of best data science online platforms. Are you ready to check the best websites to learn data science? Keep reading…

1. Udemy

Udemy is the most popular and well known online platform to learn data science or any other skills across business, tech, design, and more.

This is a global destination for online learning which provides many data science courses that will train you in in-demand skills in the field of data science. There are many courses available in Udemy for absolute beginners as well as experts. These courses are taught by industry experts. You can choose these courses as per your levels.

Udemy offers 196K+ courses, 68K+ instructors in 75 languages. So if you are looking for a best platform to learn data science then you should definitely check their courses.

In Udemy, many top quality courses are available at a very low price. You will find here all data science courses such as data visualization, data science with R and Python, statistics, machine learning and many more.  Here are some recommended courses which you can join. These courses are both free and paid.

2. Coursera

If you want to do an online degree course in data science then Coursera is best fit for you. Coursera is the global online learning platform that offers anyone, anywhere access to online courses and degrees from world-class universities and companies.

More than 200 leading universities connected with Coursera that provide top quality courses for the various in-demand skills. Coursera offers many data science degrees as well as certificate courses. These courses are very affordable, world class, flexible and job relevant.

The best thing about Coursera is that their instructors are industry experts and world class professionals. 82 million people have joined Coursera and are building skills and confidence.

World class institutions and companies such as Google, IBM, MIT, Yale etc., are partnered with Coursera and offering online learning to people anywhere, anytime.

Data science courses on Coursera are very good and top rated. Many students have done these courses and are now doing high paying jobs in top companies.

Here are some recommended data science courses from Coursera.

3. DataCamp

Datacamp is one of the most popular online platforms to learn data science. To democratize data skills for everyone is the mission of datacamp.

350,000 students around the world are learning in datacamp. 3,700+ classrooms are using DataCamp since 2020. Their courses are interactive, you can discuss your queries while learning. Their instructors are very well talented in the field of data science, they are from amazon, facebook,  spotify, DataDriven, AIG etc.,.

Datacamp offers many free courses so you can check them first, if you like them then you can go for paid courses. So if you are an absolute beginner and have no coding skills then you can go for it because it is an interactive platform.

They also offer professional data science certification. Their certifications are built in partnership with industry leaders, so employers know you have the skills needed to succeed.

Some popular courses on datacamp.

4. Edureka (best online platform to learn data science in india)

Edureka is one of the fastest growing online platforms to learn various technologies. They provide many courses for data science, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, mobile development and many more.

EDureka offers top online courses for both students as well as experienced professionals. Their instructors are industry experts who have sound knowledge in their respective domain.

They have a lot of data science certification programs which are very good and meet all the requirements to be a data scientist.

They offer interactive classes, where every course culminates in a live project. It is the best online platform to learn data science in India.

Some of the recommended data science courses on edureka are as follows.

5. Kaggle (best platform to learn data science for free)

If we talk about the best online platform to learn data science, then there is no doubt Kaggle is one of the most popular and best website to learn data science. If you kick start your data science journey then you should definitely join this platform.

The best thing about Kaggle is that it is a platform where you can connect and interact with other data scientists, compete in solving real-life problems while upskilling themselves.

Kaggle is the community as you can ask questions, clear your doubts and get guidance when you are stuck. Kaggle provides us an opportunity to learn data science from the world’s best data scientists. It is the best platform for everyone whether it is beginner or advanced data scientist.

In kaggle, you can learn new skills, contribute to projects and also participate in different data science competitions.

Kaggle has over 50,000 public datasets and 400,000 public notebooks so you can easily conquer any analysis in no time.

All the courses on kaggle are free and you can also get certificates after completing these courses. So if you are searching for the best platform to learn data science for free then kaggle is the best option for you.

So guys I am wrapping up this Best online platform to learn Data Science article. Apart from these platforms there are plenty of online resources and websites from where you can learn data science and get a nice job as a data scientist. If you found this article helpful then you must share it with your friends and colleagues who are thinking about learning data science and searching for the best platform to learn data science for free or paid. And if you have any doubt regarding this post then don’t hesitate to drop your queries in the comment section. Thanks

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