Python Faker Email Generator Tutorial Using Faker Library

Hello coders, welcome to my new Python Faker Email tutorial. In this tutorial you will learn to generate dummy emails. I am going to teach you how to generate email information in various ways using faker library in python. So let’s start this tutorial.

In the previous python faker tutorial we have learned to generate fake names. If you have not checked it yet then first check it. Here I have explained to install faker library in python.

Python Fake Name Generator Using Python faker Library

Python Faker email Tutorial – How To Generate emails using Faker Library In Python

email() method of faker library is used to generate fake emails. Let’s understand it with an example.

Here is the code of generating fake email.

  • First of all we have imported faker module.
  • Then we have created a faker object.
  • Then called email() method of faker library. It will generate fake email.


Let’s check it’s output.

So we can see an email has been generated.

Let’s move further to this python faker generate email tutorial.

Generating Multiple Fake Emails

We can generate multiple emails using for loop. To do this run the following code.

  • Here we have generated 10 fake emails. You can generate as per your choice or requirement.


Generating Fake Safe Emails

We can also generate safe emails using faker library. safe_email() method is used to do this. Let’s understand it with an example.


These are the safe emails.

Generating Fake Free Emails

If you want to generate free emails then you have to use free_email() method of faker library.


These are generated fake free emails.

Generating Fake Company Emails

Some times we need to generate fake company emails. We can do so using faker library.

  • We have used comapny_email() method is to generate fake company emails.


Company’s emails are as follows.

Generating Fake Emails Of Different Countries

Now we will learn how to generate fake emails of different countries. To do this we have to use locale parameter. Let’s see it with an example.

  • Here we have generated fake emails of India. You can generate emails of any country.


So guys this was all about Python Faker email tutorial. I hope you have learned fake email generation very well. But still if you have any doubt feel free to ask your queries in comment section.

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